Marketing Research

March 2019
Our client was looking for 75 Purchasing Managers and Directors for participation in a long-term community. We delivered nearly 25% more than what they were hoping for - 97 hospital purchasing leaders!
February 2019
Is your DIY not really DIY? Our client programmed a study but it did not function properly. Our Programming, Hosting & QA team came to the rescue with fast-turn P&H plus QA. Launched & fielded so the project was still on-time despite the DIY setback.
January 2019
What can be done over the weekend? A lot! We recruit 23 PCPs and 23 PUDs for a 45-minute interview. Start Fri. End Mon. Happy client.
December 2018
Our onsite phone room recruits 30 dermatologists for a 30-minute TDI in less than 2 days (a feat which another provider said would be impossible to achieve). We did it... with a 100% show rate.
November 2018
A client needed 75 Endos at a 25% IR for a 45 minute-survey. We delivered successfully generating over 300 logins to hit quota.
October 2018
A client was looking to speak to dentists early in their career. We leveraged social media to find the right respondents, all who had been in practice for 10 years or less.
September 2018
We delivered 150 Hospital C-level and D-level admins for a 15-minute survey and finished fielding in 4 business days.
August 2018
An agency was looking for insights into medical professionals who worked within the prison system - a unique request to be sure! We recruited Pharmacy Directors and Consultants who work within the Bureau of Prisons. And our client was very pleased saying "they are very intriguing people who rounded out my research really well."
July 2018
Reckner enhances its programming capabilities by incorporating the Decipher platform, in addition to the highly-customizable Survox (cfmc) platform.
June 2018
In accordance with GDPR, Reckner updates its privacy policy. This information is available here and through Reckner's ESOMAR 28.
April 2018
Jason Gamber is promoted to Vice President of Reckner Healthcare, responsible for directing Reckner's Qualitative, Quantitative and Business Development teams.
March 2018
The Reckner Panel Team continues its growth with the addition of Coleton Moyer (qualitative projects) and Lori Franklin (quantitative projects).
February 2018
The Reckner Project Management team expands its quantitative department with the addition of Allyson Karnowski.
December 2017
Panel Distinction: Hospital Administration. 5000+ logins with nearly 1100 completes. More details on our Infographic Case Study.
September 2017
Reckner collaborates with Fine Research to conduct an Assessment of the Healthcare System and Preparedness for Natural Disasters. In honor of its physician panel's participation, Reckner Healthcare made a donation to Save The Children.
June 2017
The first issue of Panel Perspectives is published with key insights on why oncologists participate in market research.
February 2017
Reckner launches QualEDGE℠, online enhancements to qualitative studies in response to the industry trend of hybrid methodologies.
December 2016
Reckner collaborates with FINE and Confirmit to assist victims of Hurricane Matthew through Save the Children in Haiti. The companies worked together to conduct a survey with nearly 3,000 physicians regarding natural disasters. In return for each physician’s participation, the equivalent of one blanket and one drum of water was donated.
October 2016
Reckner launches the Therapeutic Nutrition Panel, encompassing healthcare professionals who deal with various nutrition issues, such as pediatrics, aging, food allergies, gastro-intestinal, metabolic disease, cognitive health and more.
August 2016
Panel Distinction: 875 Optometrist logins for a single study; 357 Hospital Pharm Director logins in one week.
June 2016
Panel Distinction: Non-Invasive Sports Medicine! 75 completes delivered in less than 1 week for this important, new category.
May 2016
Panel Distinction: 10% of the U.S. dermatologist population login for a critical dermatology study involving four sub-categories of physicians.
January 2016
Reckner is happy to celebrate its Silver Anniversary! Many thanks to our clients, both lifelong and new, for a successful 25 years of market research!
October 2015
Panel Distinction: 13 TDI recruits in under four hours. Two 15-minute surveys programmed and launched in less than five hours. 800 pharmacist logins in less than ten hours.
September 2015
Panel Distinction: 830 Orthopedic Surgeons in two weeks. 50 Hospital Purchasing Directors in less than 24 hours. A 100-TDI study in four weeks with only one reschedule.
August 2015
Panel Distinction: Panel job title review reveals thousands of hospital decision-makers in the panel.
July 2015
Panel Distinction: Hospital CFOs: 90 logins in a single day. Retail Pharmacists: 1837 logins across Independent, Mass Merchandiser, Grocery, and Chain. Hospital Infection Preventionists: 240 logins across five days.
June 2015
Reckner is recognized as a 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 U.S. Market Research Provider. We wish to express our appreciation to you, our clients and friends, for being our valued partner. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your research endeavors.
May 2015
Panel Distinction: Plastic surgeons: 175 log-ins and 100 completes in less than 24 hours. Dermatologists: 925 log-ins. That's one-tenth of the U.S. population of derms! The C-suite: 125 hospital C-level logins in three days!