Qualitative Research


Recruitment and scheduling via on-site phone room

Verbal reminder and confirmation (not just e-contact)

Project management

List matching and management

QualEDGE℠ (online enhancements)

Consent coordination

Honorarium handling

Quick start recruiting

Easy implementation for changes

Patient chart & homework exercises


Depth interviews (telephone, online, in-person)

Focus groups

Online discussion boards and communities

Web-assisted and webcam interviews

Field management

Custom projects

Quantitative Research


Sample access

Recruit management

List matching


Project management

Custom survey programming

Data processing and tabulation

Open-end coding

Online reporting and custom data

Patient chart & homework exercises


Global markets and multi-language

50H2 surveys

Complex conjoint




Healthcare Surveys


Reckner Healthcare panel access


Results in as little as two days

Real-time access to participant responses


Qualitative and quantitative questions

Screening questions

Optional video and audio files and target product profiles

Easily downloadable verbatims, spreadsheets and cross-tabulations

Custom Healthcare Studies


In-house Programming, Quality Assurance and Project Management teams

Dual platform options via Survox or FV Decipher

Extremely flexible, highly customizable capabilities, leveraging our in-house programming team

Experienced project managers advise on study design to enhance completion rates

Robust quality control via our in-house quality assurance team who debugs the study before you review it

Complete survey testing capabilities, such as viewing question attributes and logic conditions


Respondent-friendly formats

Boredom-buster technology (i.e., drag and drops and sliders)

Conjoint, max diff, discrete choice

Complex logic and quota controls

Robust quality control

Fully customizable

Real-time data visualizations and downloading

Responsive survey design across devices

Live field monitoring & management

Healthcare Panels


List matching

Honorarium handling

Fast fielding

Quality review

Easy linkage with custom & DIY platforms


Survey respondents for any healthcare market research project

Verified, responsive, and opted-in healthcare professionals

Robust capabilities for list matching, platform linkages, feasibility estimates, etc..

Single point-of-contact

Free consultation on every project