Fast Affordable Healthcare Market Research Surveys
Fast Affordable Healthcare Market Research Surveys

Being in the life sciences industry means you have to make the right decisions right away. Our 50H2 agile research solution provides fast access to healthcare professionals, so you get the insights you need, quickly and affordably.

How it Works

What it Offers

Answers to open-end questions are insightful, with prompts for detail when answers are too brief
An average response of 40 words per question
A variety of questions can be used - sliders, point scales, multiple-choice, etc.
Easily downloadable Excel results, charts and crosstabulations
Video and audio files
Target product profiles
Email updates for key responses and milestones
Customizable word count requirements by question

What it's Used For

Product Development Surveys

Product Development

Needs and Gaps
Competitive Assessment
Marketing & Branding Surveys


Message Testing
Concept Review
Brand Strategy
Business Development

Business Development Surveys

Growth Opportunities
Customer Satisfaction

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