Want Better Healthcare Market Research? Use Enhanced Profiling

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Healthcare is a complex industry and getting more complicated all the time. Hospitals consolidate into larger and larger hospital systems, including urgent care and surgery centers. More procedures are being done in doctor’s offices. And during the pandemic, telehealth came into its own as well. With this complexity, of course, comes a key challenge for healthcare marketing research: who is the best-qualified respondent for your project, and how do you find them? Continue reading “Want Better Healthcare Market Research? Use Enhanced Profiling”

5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Panel Provider

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Sampling is one of the biggest challenges facing marketing researchers today. Lack of consumer confidence in surveys, concerns about privacy, “professional” respondents, and bots are all combining to lower response rates and weaken data quality. That is true for general B2C and B2B marketing research, but it is especially severe in marketing research in the healthcare industry, and even more so when trying to reach healthcare providers (HCPs).

Anyone who owns a consumer panel probably has some healthcare providers in their database. But that is not the same as a provider who owns and manages a proprietary healthcare panel. The brutal truth is that the incidence of healthcare professionals in the general population is extremely low. If you want to build and maintain a representative, reputable, dedicated healthcare research panel, you have to work at it. Healthcare professionals aren’t going to flock to your panel; you need to focus on – and even specialize in – finding and recruiting them to participate in your research and then building trust with panel members, so they stay engaged.

Continue reading “5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Panel Provider”

New to Healthcare Market Research?

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Market research with healthcare professionals (HCPs) is very different from market research with other populations. The main reason for that is there are not that many HCPs available, especially physicians.

Add to that problem that most HCPs are extremely busy professionals, and their time is valuable. As a result, based on our experience, less than one-third of professionals in any medical category may participate in marketing research with any regularity. You can’t meet your quota by sending the panel more invitations, as you can with general consumer population surveys. There are simply not enough HCPs to go around.

To help with this, we’ve developed a resource that shares 9 essential tips to help make sure your healthcare market research project is successful.

Click Here, to download the free Tip Sheet.

Taking Care of Our Healthcare Panel Members, So They Take Care of You

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Recruiting and maintaining healthcare professionals in our Healthcare panel is an ongoing challenge. However, because Reckner has been tackling this challenge successfully for years, we know what is required. We take care of our panelists and, as a result, they are more likely to be willing to participate in your study with high-quality and thoughtful responses. Further, because we develop a partnership with our panel members, they are more likely to continue to work with us throughout their careers.

Our Five-Point Approach to Respondent Satisfaction

1. Thoughtfully Targeting Invitations. Nothing is more annoying to a physician than receiving multiple email invitations to the same survey. Unless it is receiving email invitations to surveys for which they are not qualified. By carefully targeting our survey invitations, we make sure that respondents are qualified and know that we respect their time. To do this, we strictly limit the target area, rigorously maintain an active exclusion list, honor unsubscribe requests and respond to questions quickly.

2. Transparency and Courtesy in the Invitation Process. We very carefully manage the invitation process, starting with clear statements of the study topic and accurately state the length of the survey. We send reminders respectfully – not every 24 hours!

3. Deliver an Enjoyable Survey Experience. Surveys are thoroughly checked for clarity, miss-spellings, and grammar. We make sure the survey works across all browsers and is mobile-optimized (when the study permits). We monitor the survey activity frequently to ensure respondents can easily complete the survey. If a respondent has a technical challenge or a question, we are available to immediately resolve the problem. Finally, we customize our terminate messages so that panelists leave the survey with a positive impression.

4. Deliver an Enjoyable Qualitative Experience. Once a Reckner respondent agrees to participate in qualitative research, we brief all participants thoroughly on relevant aspects of the project. As always, we answer any questions quickly. Sufficient, but not-too-frequent, reminders result in our high show rates. Finally, we ensure a smooth hand-off to the interviewer or moderator. 

5. Seamless Honoraria Process. We offer a fair incentive from the start, ensuring panelists respond to invitations right away. Additionally, all incentives are fulfilled within 14 days of study completion, and we quickly reprocess payments that might be lost. Again, if participants have a question about their honoraria, we answer quickly.

What’s In It For The Client?

Panelists who feel valued and respected are more likely to remain members of the panel, giving you better access to healthcare respondents for quantitative and qualitative research. That means you get better quality data and thoughtful insights. Additionally, healthcare professionals respond to invitations and complete project tasks more quickly because they know they will be treated right in the post-project period. Our goal is to be the company whose survey invitation our panelists open first. We firmly believe, if we take care of our panelists, they will take care of our clients!

Reckner Healthcare’s Respondent Sustainabilitysm ensures the best respondents and the highest quality data. Contact us today to learn more!

Go Backstage on Qual Research Recruiting

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You know how those cooking shows portray making macarons as being oh so simple, but in reality there’s more to it than meets the eye? Well, the same is true in qualitative recruiting. We know we make it look easy ;), but here’s how the magic really happens:

Assemble the right ingredients

Project Management is both a science and an art.  So, while many of our PMs have clients they typically work with, we also assign clients based on PM availability, project timing, past experience and more.  We also think through issues such as project complexity, new clients, and recruiting issues in order to ensure that each client gets the attention they need for a successful project.

Make a plan

We like to cover all our bases right from the start, rather than jumping in without a plan.  We have a project kick-off which addresses foundational questions, such as the client’s preferred job number, what platform they will be using, and if they need us to create a profile sheet. 

Get everyone on the same page

We conduct a live briefing with our phone room team to initiate the project. This enables recruiters to ask questions up front. And, while we think we’ve got everything covered (e.g., “make a plan” above), we sometimes go back to clients with questions we just didn’t anticipate.

Dive into the sample

We think through the flow and the number of study invitations we are sending, based on the nature of the sample, the timing, and the audience size, among other factors. 

For some studies, we may send a large number of study invitations right away, but for others, a soft launch may be best. Examples include small, fast recruits; studies that kick off before a weekend; and challenging studies.

Think about the platform

How we write is not always how we speak, therefore we customize the screener to fit the mode.  Verbal screeners are written for comfortable dialog between our recruiters and the HCP, whereas online screeners are written for clarity when reading independently.  We also consult with clients to help them write a screener that makes sense for the project.

Confirm the confirmation

No one wants to miss a party because they had the wrong time or address, and the same is true in qual research.  We put multiple sets of eyes on the confirmation process, so that the right respondents get the right log-ins for the right time.


Juggling recruiting, quotas, homework assignments and scheduling changes is a bit like the orchestrated rhythm of a professional kitchen.  We focus on many things at one time, and each piece fits into the overall picture, until voila!  Dessert is served!

The Bonuses you get from our Quant Team

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Everyone loves a BOGO (buy one get one free), right? While we cannot offer you a BOGO on your next quant project (sorry!), you do get several bonuses from your quant team that you may not know about.

Faulty Logic Finder

In the complexity of finalizing the questionnaire, study logic can be prone to errors. Our QA Managers and Programmers have literally read through thousands of studies, so they identify errors before they get into programming and more importantly, before they get into pretest.

Sample Plan Adviser

Thousands of studies means thousands of sample plans, so odds are we’ve recruited for this before. Our Project and Sample Managers use their experience and know-how to better target healthcare professionals, maximizing your incidence rate while maintaining the integrity of your sample plan.

Potential Problem Fixer

We hate to say it . . . problems do happen. Most of our teammates have decades of experience so they’ve seen it all, and they will present solutions to resolve any issues which may arise.

Variables Identification Consultant

Our Project Managers will help create variables to make your data processing needs easier – whether that’s for the data file, tables, coding process and more.

Presentation Planner

Our market is changing, faster than ever, and it can be difficult to anticipate what data may be needed after the project concludes With most of our Project Managers having hundreds of clients, they can anticipate Agency Management and Pharma Client questions, and thereby provide free consultations on banner points, a tab plan, and more.

While each of these things might seem small individually, taken together they save significant time on the backend –avoiding re-contacts, delivering results on time, and focusing your efforts on presenting the data, rather than chasing it. Bonus!

Behind the Scenes on Sample Management

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Continuing our look behind the scenes at Reckner, today we’re taking a tour through the Sample and Panel Management Team. (Check out our behind the scenes tour of the Quant Team).

Who We Are

The Sample and Panel Management Team oversees the Reckner Healthcare Professional Panel and is the center of all study activity.  Some of us work behind the scenes on the operations / process side and others are on the frontlines of client or panel communications.  Whether you work directly or indirectly with us will depend on what you need from Reckner:

Qualitative Recruiting:  you’ll be working with a Qual Project Manager and that person will work with us to secure the recruiting list needed for your project.

Programming & Hosting:  you’ll partner with a Quant Project Manager and that person will work with us to specify the sample needed and email the study invitations.

Sample Only (aka, Portal): you’ll collaborate directly with our team, whether this is for the full sample needed or for a top-off project.

So whichever service you need from Reckner, the Sample and Panel Management Team will be involved.

What We Do:

Essentially, anything that involves the panel involves our team, but our key activities include:

  • Expanding and maintaining the panel
  • Managing disbarment lists and auditing
  • Distributing study invitations
  • Providing call lists for the Reckner phone room
  • Conducting list matches
  • Addressing questions from the panel
  • Updating panel contact information

What We Can Tell You

We’re a bit like the Secret Service.  While we cannot give away all of our trade secrets, there are a few things that happen behind the scenes that we can share. We’ll focus on what happens when you come to us directly for Sample:

List Match

List match studies can be cringe-worthy, but we have creative ways to match to your list – no matter how bad it is. And, likely, we’ve seen it before – missing field designations, multiple people on a single line, duplicates, incomplete names. While we’d love a list that was “clean,” we live in the real world – we will make your list work!

Project Management

We assign clients a single project manager, so from bid to bill, you’re working with the same person. This is true of one-time, top-off clients, as well as our regular sample clients.


Because a single person is responsible for your study, that person will watch response rates and will advise on sending reminders or new invites, prior to suggesting a change in honoraria.


No one has time for back and forth emails or incomplete planning.  We’re experts in providing sample for your study – regardless of size, specialty or study type.  We provide quick turn around on everything – from bid to list match to study invitations.


Finding the right sample is part science, part art.  We employ multi-modal recruiting and innovative targeting to deliver the right respondents for your project.

Transforming in-person research to virtual

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Transforming your in-person research to a virtual setting can seem impossible or, at the very least, challenging. But, it can be done! With 30 years’ fieldwork experience, we are uniquely positioned to deliver creative, reliable, efficient solutions.

Here are three examples of recent client projects:

Printed Homework Materials

  • 18 Interviews: Dermatologists, Patients & Caregivers
  • Triads and Individual discussions about Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis
  • We mailed the printed homework materials to each patient/caregiver and included a return mailer.

Collage Creation

  • 12 Psoriatic Arthritis Patients
  • 2-Hour Virtual Focus Groups (4)
  • We sent poster board, post-it notes, pens and Fedex return labels to complete a collage during the virtual focus group and return to us.

Device Testing

  • 30 Diabetes Nurse Educators, Retail Pharmacists, Endocrinologists and Primary Care Providers
  • 90-Minute Focus Groups and 60-Minute Individual Video Interviews (mix)
  • We shipped a diabetes pen and uncannulated needles to test during their virtual interview.

These are just three examples of how we partnered with clients to successfully transform their in-person research needs to a virtual setting.  We’re happy to consult with you on how to do the same for your next project.

HCP Recruiting during Covid-19

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While the pandemic has slowed some things down, that just isn’t the case with our Healthcare Professional Panel. They continue to be engaged and responding to study invites, even the heroes who are on the front lines.

Here are some of our latest COVID-19 recruits:


3 Days to Recruit
– 5 Pulmonologists 
– 2 Respiratory Therapists 
– 30-min Interview

The post-COVID healthcare environment
– 27 Hospital Executives
– 7 Departments
– 60-min Interview

70 HCPs and 20 COVID Patients
– 2-Hour Online Board 
– 60-min interview
– 10 days to recruit


PPE Inventory Tracker
– 20 Hospital Pharmacy Managers  
– Semi-weekly study
– Typically recruits in a few days

Impact on Referring Physicians
– A specialty physician management company
– 5 major US markets
– 8 questions
– 4 waves

Impact on Patients with HIV
– 155 physicians who are primary treaters for these patients 
– 6 major US markets
– 2 weeks to complete

Reach out for a quick quote on your Covid-19 recruiting needs.

Panel Perspectives: The Impact of COVID-19 on Processes at Medical Offices

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We recently surveyed about 400 of our Panelists to determine how COVID-19 was impacting the processes and work in their medical offices.

Here’s the full infographic. And here are some of the highpoints:

  • 93% of HCPs are conducting or will soon conduct in-office visits.
  • About half of HCPs are using telehealth more now than in the past.
  • Time spent per patient is the same for most HCPs (65%), but one quarter say they now spend more time per patient.
  • 98% have implemented new procedures in response to the pandemic (See what the new procedures are here).
  • HCPs are divided in regard to whether the new processes have impacted their amount of work:

Learn More

To learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted medical offices, here is the full infographic.