The Dreaded Qual Homework Assignment

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HCPs (and let’s be honest, most people) have mixed reactions to homework assignments of any kind. On the one hand, they appreciate that qual homework can save time and make the interview more effective. If the topic or assignment itself is particularly interesting or novel, they may enjoy getting the extra time to prepare, and it could even be fun!

On the other hand, there are also reasons they don’t like homework. HCPs may worry they won’t have enough time to complete the assignment when it is convenient for them. They may think the homework is difficult – that it is too involved or requires too many steps to complete. Or the homework may seem redundant or irrelevant to the interview from their perspective.

However, qual homework is a valuable tool in healthcare research and is part of many qualitative projects.

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For Healthcare Market Research Success, Take Care of Panelists!

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The key to successful healthcare market research is high-quality respondent participation, especially among physicians. For Reckner Healthcare, that means finding the right person, making sure they will give thoughtful, high-quality responses and complete your research, and then keeping them engaged to participate in future projects. Of course, that also means continually growing our panels to have enough of the right people when you need them. That’s why we implemented Respondent First™.

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Why One Panel Partner is Better than Three … or Five

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You have probably heard the saying “less is more.” Or your mother (or grandmother) may have said, “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.” And that’s true of market research: the fewer the “cooks” or panel partners included in the project, the greater the probability of success. And it’s especially true of healthcare market research, where it is rare that one data collection or panel company can fill the complete quota of respondents. Even worse, some partners are just not good partners, and you may not know this! Your primary healthcare panel must be able to carefully manage all the partners in your project to ensure they use consistent processes. That is the key to finishing the project with high-quality data on time and within budget. Continue reading “Why One Panel Partner is Better than Three … or Five”

Lessons Learned from Researching Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Technological innovations are enabling even more procedures to be performed outside the traditional hospital setting, driving interest in market research with healthcare professionals in ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). Additionally, that trend is expected to continue. Becker’s ASC Review cites that currently, 41% of all surgeries are performed in ASCs and that 68% of all orthopedic surgeries will be conducted in ASCs by the mid-2020s. 

Recruiting healthcare professionals for market research studies is always challenging. However, ASCs pose some additional challenges for those who want to conduct marketing research in that environment. Reckner Healthcare has broad experience conducting marketing research with ASC leadership, administrators, physicians, and staff. Here are a few recent qualitative projects we completed successfully: Continue reading “Lessons Learned from Researching Ambulatory Surgery Centers”

Want Better Healthcare Market Research? Use Enhanced Profiling

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Healthcare is a complex industry and getting more complicated all the time. Hospitals consolidate into larger and larger hospital systems, including urgent care and surgery centers. More procedures are being done in doctor’s offices. And during the pandemic, telehealth came into its own as well. With this complexity, of course, comes a key challenge for healthcare marketing research: who is the best-qualified respondent for your project, and how do you find them? Continue reading “Want Better Healthcare Market Research? Use Enhanced Profiling”

5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Panel Provider

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Sampling is one of the biggest challenges facing marketing researchers today. Lack of consumer confidence in surveys, concerns about privacy, “professional” respondents, and bots are all combining to lower response rates and weaken data quality. That is true for general B2C and B2B marketing research, but it is especially severe in marketing research in the healthcare industry, and even more so when trying to reach healthcare providers (HCPs).

Anyone who owns a consumer panel probably has some healthcare providers in their database. But that is not the same as a provider who owns and manages a proprietary healthcare panel. The brutal truth is that the incidence of healthcare professionals in the general population is extremely low. If you want to build and maintain a representative, reputable, dedicated healthcare research panel, you have to work at it. Healthcare professionals aren’t going to flock to your panel; you need to focus on – and even specialize in – finding and recruiting them to participate in your research and then building trust with panel members, so they stay engaged.

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New to Healthcare Market Research?

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Market research with healthcare professionals (HCPs) is very different from market research with other populations. The main reason for that is there are not that many HCPs available, especially physicians.

Add to that problem that most HCPs are extremely busy professionals, and their time is valuable. As a result, based on our experience, less than one-third of professionals in any medical category may participate in marketing research with any regularity. You can’t meet your quota by sending the panel more invitations, as you can with general consumer population surveys. There are simply not enough HCPs to go around.

To help with this, we’ve developed a resource that shares 9 essential tips to help make sure your healthcare market research project is successful.

Click Here, to download the free Tip Sheet.

Taking Care of Our Healthcare Panel Members, So They Take Care of You

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Recruiting and maintaining healthcare professionals in our Healthcare panel is an ongoing challenge. However, because Reckner has been tackling this challenge successfully for years, we know what is required. We take care of our panelists and, as a result, they are more likely to be willing to participate in your study with high-quality and thoughtful responses. Further, because we develop a partnership with our panel members, they are more likely to continue to work with us throughout their careers.

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