Reckner Healthcare Supports Kin Golf Outing

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Over the summer, Reckner Healthcare supported the Kin Wellness and Support Center at their annual golf outing! Kin supports over 300 families in Bucks County with integrative services, support, therapy, and fitness to caregivers and patients fighting cancer. Reckner was happy to support the golf outing and help raise awareness and money for the great work Kin Wellness and Support Center is doing in Bucks County! Read more about the event in the County Herald and find out more about Kin Wellness .

Healthcare Professional | User Experience

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HCP UX brings together over two decades of excellence in executing consumer In-Home-Use tests with our best-in-class healthcare professional panel. Receive a medical professional’s opinion healthcare products that consumers use. We ship your product directly to the HCP’s office to test and review. Healthcare professionals will get hands-on testing and share their opinions providing our clients with valuable information and a competitive edge in the market. Consumers value the opinions of their medical professionals, let’s partner to bring their opinions direct to consumers and manufacturers.

Building Consumer Confidence and Increasing Brand Power

Consumer products that are backed by healthcare professionals bring value and influence to the brand. For example, if a consumer is pondering over which sunscreen to purchase during the summer months, they are most likely going to choose the sunscreen that has been tested and approved by a dermatologist. Opinions of professionals are valued and directly influence consumer behavior. 

This is how we are closing the gap between healthcare professionals and consumers – giving our healthcare professional panel first-hand user experience to everyday products before they come to market.

Products that are appropriate but not limited to: alocohol swabs, bandages, crutches, walkers, fitness watches and fitness technology, humidifiers, lotions, lubricants, nebulizers, toothbrushes, sunscreen, wipes and more!

Brand power grows when an expert stands behind it – together we will give your clients and their brands greater influence in the market and extend confidence in the products they are purchasing.

Want to learn more about this? Reach out to one of our experts at to schedule a time to learn more!

For Reckner Healthcare, Taking Care of Panelists is a Top Priority

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The key to successful healthcare market research is high-quality respondent participation, especially among physicians. For Reckner Healthcare, that means finding the right person, making sure they will give thoughtful, high-quality responses and complete your research. It’s equally as important to keep them engaged so they are willing and want to participate in future projects. This also means we are continually growing our panels, so we have enough of the right people when our clients need them. That’s why we implemented Respondent First™.

Respondent First™ began as a very deliberate, company-wide strategy to make Reckner Healthcare the go-to supplier of physician access in the United States. Since its introduction:

  • Our physician panel grew 4% in 2022.
  • Reckner’s ability to fill quotas by specialty has also improved and our clients have taken notice. In 2022, 98% more in the Radiation and Oncology sector, nearly 62% more with Ophthalmologists, 64% more with Rheumatologists, 57% more in the Allergy and Immunology field, and 28% more with Nephrology.
  • We have also grown in our ability to reach specialty nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, whose sphere of influence in healthcare and importance to market research has dramatically risen over the last two years, leading to a 30% increase in studies that include these professionals.
  • Email deliverability is excellent, with Sender Score consistently rating us 99/100 and Google rating us with zero delivery errors.

Our HCP panelists have responded very positively to the policies of Respondent First™, as illustrated by this representative testimonial from one of our panel physicians: “I have participated in many Reckner surveys over the years, and this sounds great. Thank you for respecting my time. I look forward to seeing new survey opportunities.”

We introduced Respondent First™ a few years ago to formalize our approach to treating our panel members respectfully and professionally. This became Reckner’s philosophy for running our business, encompassing all aspects of managing our business and ensuring our research community’s long-term health. We believe that by taking care of our panelists today, they will continue to participate in and take care of your studies in the future.

Kind Words from a Client

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We have a passion for helping our clients succeed. When you succeed – we succeed. Our researchers know that the data we collect and provide is incredibly important and directly tied to your success! From our panel to our programming to our project management team and our account managers – we want to make sure you have the best experience possible! We light up when we receive comments like this from our clients. It means so much to us to bring ease, success, and joy to the projects we work on!

How to Maximize the Success of Your Virtual Central Location (VCL) Day

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A VCL day, also known as a viewing day, pilot day, or immersion day; can be done on a local or national scale via individual interviews or group conferences that are conducted through a screen sharing platform. Like in-person interviews, the moderator hosts the discussion using either a phone, meeting link, or webcam. These first several day(s) of interviews are often the most important components of your market research study. Preliminary feedback gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to study materials and stimuli and allows your moderators to fine-tune the discussion guide. Your clients may also be listening-in and/or watching interviews live so it’s paramount these high visibility interviews are earmarked for success to kick off your research project well!

Being prepared and thinking through the logistics of a VCL day in advance will not only save you time and money throughout the process but can increase show rates to ensure the ever important “end client” satisfaction!

Here are some tips for making your next VCL day a success:

Allow for ample recruiting time, plus some! Depending on your screener requirements and quota needs, plan for 3 weeks prior to the VCL Day allowing us to recruit a diverse mix of respondents; especially when you need interviews during business hours to accommodate end client listening-in and/or viewing.

When possible, provide “desirable” availability to help respondents schedule at the best time for them. Allocating evening times, lunch times, or an early morning time slot can make all the difference. Factoring in extra breaks will allow you to make any adjustments seamless from one interview to the next. Also, avoid scheduling your VCL day on a Monday or the day after a US holiday. We want to be sure your VCL respondents are fresh, prepared and bring the best of themselves to the interview.

Square away the platform logistics. Share expectations with respondents early in the process to confirm they will be able to access your platform of choice and complete any tech check requirements. We also recommend choosing a reliable high-touch platform that offers tech help to respondents as needed. Having a live technician available to assist respondents and troubleshoot ensures that interviews will start on time and stay on schedule.

Clearly identify any specific quota needs. What type of respondents do your clients want to see? Plan ahead to be sure they are represented.

Allow for overrecruits if time and budget allow. Not only are your respondents busy healthcare professionals, but they are also people, and life happens to us all sometimes. Building in a buffer helps guarantee you will get the day one data you need!

Share consent forms early on. Allow sufficient time to obtain the needed respondent consent before interviews begin.

Finalize any pre-work logistics well in advance. Respondents need ample time to thoughtfully prepare, complete, and return assignments by the scheduled start date.

Get the most out of your virtual central location day so your research study runs smooth from start to finish,  ensuring you get the day one data you need; despite the range of respondents or their various locations across the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help solve your qualitative research needs.

Need to Improve Your Quantitative International Healthcare Research?

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Recruiting, fielding, and data collection in quantitative market research for healthcare is complicated, and when you are working internationally, it becomes particularly challenging. Whether you are on the client or vendor side, here are ten tips to make your international quantitative healthcare research successful – and easier.
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Reckner is Recognized in the Insights Association Market Research Top 30 Award

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This July, Reckner was recognized as one of the Top 30 Market Research Companies from Insights Association. We are proud to be able to serve our clients and the industry well and distinguish ourselves as leaders.

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9 Tips to Make Sure Your Healthcare Market Research Project is Successful

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Market research with healthcare professionals (HCPs) is very different from market research with other populations. The main reason for that is there are not that many HCPs available, especially physicians.

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