Custom Survey Programming
Custom Surveys from In-house Programmers

Survey Programming

From agile research & data-on-demand to online homework and customized options, our experienced onsite programming team delivers respondent-friendly surveys with quality as our number one priority.

  • In-house Survey Programming, Quality Assurance and Project Management teams
  • Dual platform options via Survox or FV Decipher
  • Extremely flexible, highly customizable capabilities
  • SurveyGuard℠ five-point survey inspection eliminates re-fielding/ re-contacting through extensive pre and post-programming logic checks
  • Complete survey testing capabilities, such as viewing question attributes and logic conditions
  • QualEDGE℠ online homework solutions
  • Respondent-friendly formats
  • Boredom-buster technology (i.e., drag and drops and sliders)
  • Conjoint, max diff, discrete choice
  • Complex logic and quota controls
  • Global markets
  • Multi-language
  • Multimedia
  • Patient chart exercises
  • Real-time data visualizations and downloading
  • Responsive survey design across devices
  • Live field monitoring & management
Custom Survey Programming Data Sheet
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