Qualitative Healthcare Market Research
Qualitative Healthcare Market Research

For 30 years, we've been delivering the best healthcare professionals for your market research, and we put that recruiting expertise to work for you!

Our in-house recruiters and project managers consult on every project, so we can optimize feasibility and navigate adherence and confidentiality requirements.

Qualitative Services
  • Recruitment and scheduling via on-site phone room
  • Verbal reminder and confirmation (not just e-contact)
  • Project management
  • List matching and management
  • Consent coordination
  • Honorarium handling
  • Quick start recruiting
  • Easy implementation for changes
  • QualEDGE℠ (online enhancements)
  • Patient chart & homework exercises
  • Depth interviews (telephone, online, in-person)
  • Focus groups
  • Online discussion boards and communities
  • Web-assisted and webcam interviews
  • Field management
  • Custom projects

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