Conducting Patient Chart Research with Healthcare Professionals

Patient chart research is challenging!  Healthcare professionals can be reluctant to participate.  Reminders are needed (repeatedly).  Physicians forget where they left off.

And yet, the demand for it is greater than ever.  Stop stressing.  We can help.

With nearly three decades conducting research with healthcare professionals, we know how to find the most engaged respondents and establish correct commitment expectations upfront.  And our veteran team of recruiters and project managers ensures your patient chart research runs smoothly from first recruit to final data. 

– Qual & quant research
– All major therapeutic areas (oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology, plastic surgery, & more)
– Automated progress reminders
– Customizable programming capabilities, such as patient chart simulation
– Appropriate honoraria, reflective of time & commitment

Yes, patient chart research can be painful, and we should not underestimate the work involved – either by the agency, the fieldwork company or the healthcare professional. However, the work has to be done, and we can do it – so, let’s chat!