Introducing Reckner’s Respondent SustainabilitySM

As we prepare for a new decade of healthcare recruiting, we continually ask ourselves “how can we positively impact the future of healthcare MR?”

For us, the answer lies in Respondent SustainabilitySM.

Similar to environmental sustainability which emphasizes the importance of taking steps now to reverse negative consequences in the future, Reckner’s Respondent SustainabilitySM is about the long-term health of our research community.  We believe that by taking care of our panelists today, they will continue to participate in and take care of your studies in the future.

Reckner’s Respondent SustainabilitySM means:

– Understanding how little things impact big things, such as customizing “terminate” messages, so panelists leave the survey with a positive impression and are more likely to respond to the next survey invitation.

– Striving to be good stewards of the industry, for example ensuring Healthcare Professionals do not receive invites from multiple panels for a single study, so panelists are confident each invitation is unique and will take time to review each invitation.  

– Making short-term sacrifices to achieve long term gains, like offering fair honoraria right from the start, so panelists are motivated to respond to invitations, rather than waiting for a higher honorarium offer.

We think of Respondent SustainabilitySM in the same vein as the United Nations study which discussed how planting trees can help with climate change: 

If you’d like to learn more, check out our Respondent First blog which provides specific guidelines for how we care for our panelists.

Looking forward to working with you in 2020 and beyond.