Pro Tips for Recruiting Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare Administrators are a key audience for many companies these days. Unfortunately, Healthcare Administrators, especially those in hospitals, are often more difficult to recruit than other healthcare professionals. 

First, there are just over 6,000 hospitals in the United States. Limiting the sample by hospital bed size reduces the number of potential respondents dramatically. For example, excluding hospitals with 200 beds or fewer decreases the pool of qualified respondents by 75%! And if you limit participation to one administrator per hospital, you drive the number even lower. Because they are employees, they may hesitate to participate in marketing research where there is potential to identify their employer, as could be the case in qualitative research. Finally, administrators are also less open than other healthcare professionals to participating in marketing research outside of business hours.

There are a few things you can do to make recruiting Healthcare Administrators less challenging: 

  • Recruit for function instead of job title. Having the responsibility and expertise to answer your questions is more important than their specific job titles.
  • If the decision-maker role is unknown, Reckner can help.  We can ask our panelists a few questions to hone in on the right audience for your research objective.  
  • Before you decide to limit your sample by hospital bed size, make sure you have a legitimate research reason for doing so. 
  • Finally, plan on a longer time in the field to accommodate healthcare administrators’ availability during business hours.

For more assistance recruiting healthcare administrators, contact Reckner Healthcare today!