Healthcare Professional | User Experience

HCP UX brings together over two decades of excellence in executing consumer In-Home-Use tests with our best-in-class healthcare professional panel. Receive a medical professional’s opinion healthcare products that consumers use. We ship your product directly to the HCP’s office to test and review. Healthcare professionals will get hands-on testing and share their opinions providing our […]

Kind Words from a Client

We have a passion for helping our clients succeed. When you succeed – we succeed. Our researchers know that the data we collect and provide is incredibly important and directly tied to your success! From our panel to our programming to our project management team and our account managers – we want to make sure […]

How to Maximize the Success of Your Virtual Central Location (VCL) Day

A VCL day, also known as a viewing day, pilot day, or immersion day; can be done on a local or national scale via individual interviews or group conferences that are conducted through a screen sharing platform. Like in-person interviews, the moderator hosts the discussion using either a phone, meeting link, or webcam. These first […]