Healthcare Professional | User Experience

HCP UX brings together over two decades of excellence in executing consumer In-Home-Use tests with our best-in-class healthcare professional panel. Receive a medical professional’s opinion healthcare products that consumers use. We ship your product directly to the HCP’s office to test and review. Healthcare professionals will get hands-on testing and share their opinions providing our clients with valuable information and a competitive edge in the market. Consumers value the opinions of their medical professionals, let’s partner to bring their opinions direct to consumers and manufacturers.

Building Consumer Confidence and Increasing Brand Power

Consumer products that are backed by healthcare professionals bring value and influence to the brand. For example, if a consumer is pondering over which sunscreen to purchase during the summer months, they are most likely going to choose the sunscreen that has been tested and approved by a dermatologist. Opinions of professionals are valued and directly influence consumer behavior. 

This is how we are closing the gap between healthcare professionals and consumers – giving our healthcare professional panel first-hand user experience to everyday products before they come to market.

Products that are appropriate but not limited to: alocohol swabs, bandages, crutches, walkers, fitness watches and fitness technology, humidifiers, lotions, lubricants, nebulizers, toothbrushes, sunscreen, wipes and more!

Brand power grows when an expert stands behind it – together we will give your clients and their brands greater influence in the market and extend confidence in the products they are purchasing.

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