Panel Perspectives: The Impact of COVID-19 on Processes at Medical Offices

We recently surveyed about 400 of our Panelists to determine how COVID-19 was impacting the processes and work in their medical offices.

Here’s the full infographic. And here are some of the highpoints:

  • 93% of HCPs are conducting or will soon conduct in-office visits.
  • About half of HCPs are using telehealth more now than in the past.
  • Time spent per patient is the same for most HCPs (65%), but one quarter say they now spend more time per patient.
  • 98% have implemented new procedures in response to the pandemic (See what the new procedures are here).
  • HCPs are divided in regard to whether the new processes have impacted their amount of work:

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To learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted medical offices, here is the full infographic.