HCP Recruiting during Covid-19

While the pandemic has slowed some things down, that just isn’t the case with our Healthcare Professional Panel. They continue to be engaged and responding to study invites, even the heroes who are on the front lines.

Here are some of our latest COVID-19 recruits:


3 Days to Recruit
– 5 Pulmonologists 
– 2 Respiratory Therapists 
– 30-min Interview

The post-COVID healthcare environment
– 27 Hospital Executives
– 7 Departments
– 60-min Interview

70 HCPs and 20 COVID Patients
– 2-Hour Online Board 
– 60-min interview
– 10 days to recruit


PPE Inventory Tracker
– 20 Hospital Pharmacy Managers  
– Semi-weekly study
– Typically recruits in a few days

Impact on Referring Physicians
– A specialty physician management company
– 5 major US markets
– 8 questions
– 4 waves

Impact on Patients with HIV
– 155 physicians who are primary treaters for these patients 
– 6 major US markets
– 2 weeks to complete

Reach out for a quick quote on your Covid-19 recruiting needs.