The Bonuses you get from our Quant Team

The Bonuses you get from our Quant Team

Everyone loves a BOGO (buy one get one free), right? While we cannot offer you a BOGO on your next quant project (sorry!), you do get several bonuses from your quant team that you may not know about.

Faulty Logic Finder

In the complexity of finalizing the questionnaire, study logic can be prone to errors. Our QA Managers and Programmers have literally read through thousands of studies, so they identify errors before they get into programming and more importantly, before they get into pretest.

Sample Plan Adviser

Thousands of studies means thousands of sample plans, so odds are we’ve recruited for this before. Our Project and Sample Managers use their experience and know-how to better target healthcare professionals, maximizing your incidence rate while maintaining the integrity of your sample plan.

Potential Problem Fixer

We hate to say it . . . problems do happen. Most of our teammates have decades of experience so they’ve seen it all, and they will present solutions to resolve any issues which may arise.

Variables Identification Consultant

Our Project Managers will help create variables to make your data processing needs easier – whether that’s for the data file, tables, coding process and more.

Presentation Planner

Our market is changing, faster than ever, and it can be difficult to anticipate what data may be needed after the project concludes With most of our Project Managers having hundreds of clients, they can anticipate Agency Management and Pharma Client questions, and thereby provide free consultations on banner points, a tab plan, and more.

While each of these things might seem small individually, taken together they save significant time on the backend –avoiding re-contacts, delivering results on time, and focusing your efforts on presenting the data, rather than chasing it. Bonus!