Reckner Healthcare Professional Panel

Behind the Scenes on Sample Management

Continuing our look behind the scenes at Reckner, today we’re taking a tour through the Sample and Panel Management Team. (Check out our behind the scenes tour of the Quant Team).

Who We Are

The Sample and Panel Management Team oversees the Reckner Healthcare Professional Panel and is the center of all study activity.  Some of us work behind the scenes on the operations / process side and others are on the frontlines of client or panel communications.  Whether you work directly or indirectly with us will depend on what you need from Reckner:

Qualitative Recruiting:  you’ll be working with a Qual Project Manager and that person will work with us to secure the recruiting list needed for your project.

Programming & Hosting:  you’ll partner with a Quant Project Manager and that person will work with us to specify the sample needed and email the study invitations.

Sample Only (aka, Portal): you’ll collaborate directly with our team, whether this is for the full sample needed or for a top-off project.

So whichever service you need from Reckner, the Sample and Panel Management Team will be involved.

What We Do:

Essentially, anything that involves the panel involves our team, but our key activities include:

  • Expanding and maintaining the panel
  • Managing disbarment lists and auditing
  • Distributing study invitations
  • Providing call lists for the Reckner phone room
  • Conducting list matches
  • Addressing questions from the panel
  • Updating panel contact information

What We Can Tell You

We’re a bit like the Secret Service.  While we cannot give away all of our trade secrets, there are a few things that happen behind the scenes that we can share. We’ll focus on what happens when you come to us directly for Sample:

List Match

List match studies can be cringe-worthy, but we have creative ways to match to your list – no matter how bad it is. And, likely, we’ve seen it before – missing field designations, multiple people on a single line, duplicates, incomplete names. While we’d love a list that was “clean,” we live in the real world – we will make your list work!

Project Management

We assign clients a single project manager, so from bid to bill, you’re working with the same person. This is true of one-time, top-off clients, as well as our regular sample clients.


Because a single person is responsible for your study, that person will watch response rates and will advise on sending reminders or new invites, prior to suggesting a change in honoraria.


No one has time for back and forth emails or incomplete planning.  We’re experts in providing sample for your study – regardless of size, specialty or study type.  We provide quick turn around on everything – from bid to list match to study invitations.


Finding the right sample is part science, part art.  We employ multi-modal recruiting and innovative targeting to deliver the right respondents for your project.