Healthcare Panel Members

Taking Care of Our Healthcare Panel Members, So They Take Care of You

Recruiting and maintaining healthcare professionals in our Healthcare panel is an ongoing challenge. However, because Reckner has been tackling this challenge successfully for years, we know what is required. We take care of our panelists and, as a result, they are more likely to be willing to participate in your study with high-quality and thoughtful responses. Further, because we develop a partnership with our panel members, they are more likely to continue to work with us throughout their careers.

Our Five-Point Approach to Respondent Satisfaction

1. Thoughtfully Targeting Invitations. Nothing is more annoying to a physician than receiving multiple email invitations to the same survey. Unless it is receiving email invitations to surveys for which they are not qualified. By carefully targeting our survey invitations, we make sure that respondents are qualified and know that we respect their time. To do this, we strictly limit the target area, rigorously maintain an active exclusion list, honor unsubscribe requests and respond to questions quickly.

2. Transparency and Courtesy in the Invitation Process. We very carefully manage the invitation process, starting with clear statements of the study topic and accurately state the length of the survey. We send reminders respectfully – not every 24 hours!

3. Deliver an Enjoyable Survey Experience. Surveys are thoroughly checked for clarity, miss-spellings, and grammar. We make sure the survey works across all browsers and is mobile-optimized (when the study permits). We monitor the survey activity frequently to ensure respondents can easily complete the survey. If a respondent has a technical challenge or a question, we are available to immediately resolve the problem. Finally, we customize our terminate messages so that panelists leave the survey with a positive impression.

4. Deliver an Enjoyable Qualitative Experience. Once a Reckner respondent agrees to participate in qualitative research, we brief all participants thoroughly on relevant aspects of the project. As always, we answer any questions quickly. Sufficient, but not-too-frequent, reminders result in our high show rates. Finally, we ensure a smooth hand-off to the interviewer or moderator. 

5. Seamless Honoraria Process. We offer a fair incentive from the start, ensuring panelists respond to invitations right away. Additionally, all incentives are fulfilled within 14 days of study completion, and we quickly reprocess payments that might be lost. Again, if participants have a question about their honoraria, we answer quickly.

What’s In It For The Client?

Panelists who feel valued and respected are more likely to remain members of the panel, giving you better access to healthcare respondents for quantitative and qualitative research. That means you get better quality data and thoughtful insights. Additionally, healthcare professionals respond to invitations and complete project tasks more quickly because they know they will be treated right in the post-project period. Our goal is to be the company whose survey invitation our panelists open first. We firmly believe, if we take care of our panelists, they will take care of our clients!

Reckner Healthcare’s Respondent Sustainabilitysm ensures the best respondents and the highest quality data. Contact us today to learn more!