Panel Perspectives: The Impact of COVID-19

We recently surveyed 1000+ Healthcare Professionals to find out how their practices have changed since the onset of COVID-19.

Here’s the full infographic. And here are some of the highpoints:

Patient Interactions

As expected, prior to the pandemic the vast majority of patient interactions were conducted in person. Today, that number has been reduced by more than half with patient interactions by phone and video increasing 7x and 15x respectively to be about equal in prevalence.

Comparing Telehealth to In-Person

For most HCPs, patient interactions by phone or video are shorter in length than in-person visits, although about 1/3 of HCPs report that video visits take about the same time as in-person visits. Interestingly, 40% of primary, general and family care providers report video visits as being the same length as in-person visits.

The Decline of In-Person Visits

75% of HCPs report having significantly fewer patient interactions since the pandemic. This varies greatly by specialty with 94% of Eyecare Professionals and 90% of HCPs specializing in Elective Procedures reporting significant declines.

How HCPs are Spending their Time

So how are HCPs spending their time? Top areas for increased time spent are:

1 – Doing administrative duties

2 – Participating in virtual conferences

3 – Researching new treatments

4 – Reading more practice information

5 – Participating in CME activities

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To learn what HCPs predict is the future of telehealth or their advice on using telehealth, here is the full infographic.