Panel Perspectives: What Healthcare Professionals Think of Patient Chart Research

We recently surveyed 600 HCPs to determine what they think of Patient Chart Research. Here’s the full infographic. And here are some of the highpoints:

The How

The top ways HCPs complete Patient Chart Research are: toggle between the online survey and patient files on one device (41%), use two devices, such as laptop & tablet (32%), or print out the patient information (14%).

Electronic Health Records impact patient chart research with 57% of HCPs saying EHRs make it easier, but 28% saying they make it harder. Interestingly, this varies by specialty: Nearly 3/4 of Oncologists and Rheumatologists say EHRs make it easier but that same number of OB/Gyns and Psychiatrists say they make it harder.

The Why

70% of HCPs rank Earning Honoraria as their number one or two reason for participating in patient chart research, followed closely by Learning about Treatments.

The When

All HCPs say they would be willing to spend up to 30 minutes on patient chart research and 89% would spend up to an hour.

Learn More

To hear what HCPs say about the challenges of patient chart research and how to do it successfully, here is the full infographic.