Panel Perspectives: What HCPs Think of Qualitative Market Research

We recently surveyed 250 of our Panelists to determine what they thought of qualitative market research. Here’s the full infographic. And here are some of the highpoints:

What’s the Participation Rate

Our HCPs are active across both qual and quant methodologies, with 84% saying they would participate in phone research.

What Impacts Participation

Nearly 80% of HCPs consider honoraria their number 1 or 2 factor impacting their decision to respond to a phone interview invitation. 20% indicate personal busy-ness or study topic as their number 1 factor.

How Much Time Will They Spend

Nearly 90% of HCPs will spend up to an hour in a phone interview.

What are the Logistics

HCPs express equal preferences regarding the logistics of who calls whom for the call.

Many HCPs would like to be prepared for the interview, by having questions/ topics in advance.

Post 5pm chats are strongly preferred.

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To learn what HCPs think makes a good interview or what topics are most interesting, here is the full infographic.