Healthcare Market Research Success

For Healthcare Market Research Success, Take Care of Panelists!

The key to successful healthcare market research is high-quality respondent participation, especially among physicians. For Reckner Healthcare, that means finding the right person, making sure they will give thoughtful, high-quality responses and complete your research, and then keeping them engaged to participate in future projects. Of course, that also means continually growing our panels to have enough of the right people when you need them. That’s why we implemented Respondent First™.

Respondent First™ began as a very deliberate, company-wide strategy to make Reckner Healthcare the go-to supplier of physician access in the United States. Since its introduction:

  • Physician-to-physician referrals for panel membership have soared 29%.
  • Our panel has grown 13% since 2019, and our physician panel has grown 7% simultaneously.
  • Reckner’s ability to fill quotas by specialty has also improved and our clients have taken notice. In 2021, we completed almost 200% more projects with Psychiatrists, nearly 100% more with Gastroenterologists, 75% more with Oncologists, 60% more with Urologists, and 55% more with Neurologists.
  • We have also grown in our ability to reach specialty nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, whose sphere of influence in healthcare and importance to market research has dramatically risen over the last two years, leading to a 60% increase in studies that include these professionals.
  • Email deliverability is excellent, with Sender Score consistently rating us 99/100 and Google rating us with zero delivery errors.

Our HCP panelists have responded very positively to the policies of Respondent First™, as illustrated by this representative testimonial from one of our panel physicians: “I have participated in many Reckner surveys over the years, and this sounds great. Thank you for respecting my time. I look forward to seeing new survey opportunities.”

We introduced Respondent First™ a few years ago to formalize our approach to treating our panel members respectfully and professionally. This became Reckner’s philosophy for running our business, encompassing all aspects of managing our business and ensuring our research community’s long-term health. We believe that by taking care of our panelists today, they will continue to participate in and take care of your studies in the future.

The Respondent First™ approach impacts how we do things at all levels, from customizing termination messages to leave panelists with a positive impression to making short-term financial sacrifices to do what’s right for the panelist, like offering fair honoraria right from the start and paying respondents promptly. Respondent First™ means continually asking ourselves: What can we do to accommodate the profession’s demands and inspire the participation of the most insightful and knowledgeable healthcare professionals?

Here is what we offer our panelists:

  • Thoughtfully targeted invitations:
    • Limit invitations to the targeted specialties and areas.
    • Maintain an active exclusion list.
    • Avoid contacting respondents with multiple offers for the same project.
    • Honor unsubscribe requests.
    • Reply to respondent questions quickly.
  • Transparent invitation process:
    • State the study topic clearly and transparently.
    • State the length of engagement accurately (include time to pull charts or homework).
    • State the honoraria amount, type, and fulfillment time.
    • Send reminders respectfully – not every 24 hours.
  • Enjoyable survey experience:
    • Surveys are clearly-worded, free of misspellings and grammatical mistakes.
    • Surveys that work across browsers and devices.
    • Surveys free of programming errors.
    • Closely monitor survey activity to ensure high availability and functionality.
    • Immediate response to questions or confusion about the survey.
  • Seamless honoraria process:
    • Supply a receipt of project completion for respondent records
    • Fulfill honoraria within 14 days of respondent’s completion.
    • Address fulfillment questions promptly.
    • Reprocess lost payments quickly and easily

What began as a program to do the right thing for healthcare panelists has shown bottom-line results and become the Reckner Healthcare culture, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

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Respondent First is just one part of our overarching philosophy for Respondent Sustainability. You can learn more about that here.