Conducting Patient Chart Research with Healthcare Professionals

Patient chart research is challenging!  Healthcare professionals can be reluctant to participate.  Reminders are needed (repeatedly).  Physicians forget where they left off. And yet, the demand for it is greater than ever.  Stop stressing.  We can help. With nearly three decades conducting research with healthcare professionals, we know how to find the most engaged respondents and […]

The List Match Backstory

by Kevin Rohm, Director of Sampling and Panel Services I’m a Game of Thrones fan and if you know anything about the series or really any other saga (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight), you know the power of the backstory. Well, your client list has a backstory too, and sometimes it’s pretty important…

Introducing Respondent First™

There’s been a lot of discussion about physician burnout. Simultaneously (and perhaps ironically), there is also the reality of increasing physician compensation (see the Medical Group Management Association’s annual compensation survey). Clearly, these trends are having an impact on physician market research participation. Our analysis of physician market research participation shows that, while healthcare professionals […]

7 Things to Know about Translation Service

By Susan Phillippe, Director Global research is hard enough without second-guessing your translation service.  And, while Google Translate and Duolingo may have us thinking we could be the Rosetta Stone, translation service for healthcare and medical topics is slightly more complicated than a chewing gum study. Given the increasingly challenging nature of healthcare market research, […]